The Mobile Market supports family health in central-city Milwaukee neighborhoods by improving access to food, promoting healthy choices and facilitating opportunities for wellness.

What is Mobile Market?
Mobile Market is a traveling grocery store that brings high quality, healthy foods at more affordable prices to Metro Milwaukee neighborhoods. With Mobile Market, families can save up to 30% on traditional grocery store prices.

Who can use Mobile Market?
Everyone is welcome to shop at Mobile Market food sales. There are no income guidelines, membership fees or eligibility requirements.

Where and when are the Mobile Market sales?
Metro Milwaukee community-based partner organizations provide locations for Mobile Market sales, typically held once per month at each location. See the schedule below or call 414-847-0005 to find the next Mobile Market sale in your area. Or you can email for information. 

What food does Mobile Market offer?
Mobile Market provides a wide selection of quality, healthy products such as frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and dried goods. Pick and choose the items you want, as well as the quantity—just like at the supermarket!

How do I pay?
Pay at the time of purchase—there are no pre-order requirements. The Mobile Market accepts cash, credit/debit and Quest/Link cards (food stamps). No personal checks, please. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

Is volunteer time required?
Mobile Market has no volunteer requirements in order to purchase food. However, volunteers are welcome to join in the Mobile Market’s mission.

How do I find out more?
For general information and
 details on bringing Mobile Market to your community, contact Mobile Market Community Engagement Leader Andrew Musgrave at 414-847-0005.

How did Mobile Market get started?
A large food buying nonprofit organization, SHARE, started the program five years ago. They wanted to create an innovative program to better serve Milwaukee's virtual food deserts by bringing healthy and affordable food into urban areas, combining the benefits of food access, healthy options, opportunities for wellness, convenience and community. 

In the spring of 2012, SHARE announced that it was closing its doors. Several community supporters came together, hoping to find a way to keep Mobile Market going. SET Ministry, a nonprofit organization with a long history serving Milwaukee, stepped forward and agreed to take on Mobile Market on a temporary basis to keep the program running through the summer. By the end of the summer, SET realized the full potential of Mobile Market and decided to make Mobile Market a permanent division of the organization. 

Mobile Market in the News!
Check out this video from the Center for Urban Population Health about our partnership with local residents, other local agencies and academics to create a nutrition education program customized for the Mobile Market.

In early 2010, a group of young adults from Public Allies Milwaukee organized a series of fun nutrition education events for children at several Mobile Market partner organizations. The program, called GOT FRESH?, was featured by 88.9FM Radio Milwaukee's "Safe Streets, Healthy Kids" Initiative--listen to the podcast!

Also in late 2009 WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio aired a great story about the Mobile Market!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the shop stops have been canceled until further notice.

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